Trouble with raccoon..!!

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Posted by Henry Henry
I have been trying to evict a raccoon, who has set up a nest inside my chimney. I have read that we can humanely evict raccoons from the chimney. So when I felt their sound and presence more annoying, I started to try out different methods to get rid of them from the chimney. My friend advised me vapours can cause damage to raccoons, and they become irritated when it tries to escape from the vapour. So I didn't use smoke or mothballs, and I didn't pour down anything else to chimney to get rid of them. I tried to evict them through harassment without causing any harm to them. So I also tried out short pole and broomstick to bang on the bottom of the damper, and I bought raccoon eviction fluid from a farm supply center and sprinkled it on a cloth and kept it above the damper. I waited for two-three days expecting them to leave the place, but nothing happened in the way I thought. So I'm planning to hire any professional services for raccoon removal in Toronto to get rid of these creatures from my premise. If anyone here had any previous experience with hiring such professional services, please let me know. So I can make use of their services for better effects.